Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the most ancient form of health care known to mankind. Herbs have been used in all cultures throughout history. Extensive scientific documentation now exists concerning their use for health conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, indigestion, insomnia, heart disease, cancer, and HIV.

Herbs have always been an integral part of the practice of medicine. The word drug comes from the old Dutch word drogge meaning “to dry,” as pharmacists, physicians, and ancient healers often dried plants as medicine. Today, approximately 25 percent of all prescription drugs are still derived form trees, shrubs, or herbs. Some are made from plant extracts, others are synthesized to mimic a natural plant compound.

The World Health Organization noted that of 119 plant-derived pharmaceutical medicines, about 74 percent are used in modern medicine in ways that correlate directly with their traditional use as plant remedies by native cultures.