Biological Medicine

Is categorized as belonging to the science of homotoxicology, where illness is considered to be the human body's defence against toxic substances (or homotoxins) that want to ruin the natural balance of your cellular system

Is a Health Scan System that  read the signals from your own body in order to detect a internal  function with  precision device that can aid the balance and return the human body to its natural form and function.  The Bioresonance can help in the treatment of many diseases and painful conditions.  
The BioResonance Scan provides powerful and useful physiologic visualization of the energetic blocks in the natural balance of the body, and this scan will provide the best strategies for better results which will bring back the body to its natural balance.
Scan is based on the knowledge of quantum effects on biological systems. Every organ and cell has their own distinctive oscillation or wave frequency pattern which is stored in Scans memory databank as a graph.  Each graph represents the conditions of the information exchange between the tissue and the environment
The database is compiled for healthy tissue based on age and gender. The Scan has detailed views of different organs, tissues and structures that allow the user to zero in on and visualize the details of any disturbance.   Frequently displays appear as detailed as MRI or CT - like scans.  Each energetic icon displayed is actually being assessed.  Based on similarity recognition algorithms Scan can give indications of unbalanced tissues, predicted lab results, pathological states, micro organisms and parasites, allergens, food overloads, pollutants, bioenergetics, homeopathic similarities, helpful nutritional strategies, nosode possibilities, hormonal balancing axis points, emotional causation, and healing words.  It displays similar matching wave functions as predicted in ascending order of importance and occurrence.

BioResonance Initiation: The word “BioResonance” was coined decades ago to describe laboratory procedures being used to train experimental research subjects to alter brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and other bodily functions that normally are not controlled voluntarily. This early research demonstrated that Bioresonance can help in the treatment of many diseases and painful conditions. Some believe that Bioresonance will one day make it possible to do away with drug treatments that often cause uncomfortable side effects in patients with high blood pressure and serious conditions.

BioResonance Today: Clinical BioResonance techniques that grew out of the early laboratory procedures are now widely used to treat an ever growing list of conditions; migraine and other headaches; digestive system disorders; high and low blood pressures; cardiac arrhythmias; circulatory issues; epilepsy; paralysis – movement disorders, and many other maladies.

Scan is an energetic assessment and visualization aid for stress detection and stress reduction strategies. Scan makes no medical claims. Scan does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease conditions. Scan does not replace standard medical care by a physician or other health care provider.