I had a friend who recommended Dr. Wang to me. She had nothing but great things to say about her so I thought I might check her out.

Dr. Wang is one of the best acupuncturist in Vancouver. She is very professional and definitely knows what she is doing and it's obvious she loves and cares for what she does.

The clinic is clean and stylish. I was taken to a room for a consultation with her first and then a 40 minutes acupuncture session. It was very relaxing and painless. I have been suffering from chronic insomnia ever since menopause started. After four sessions of treatment, my sleep was obviously improved.

That being said, I can't emphasize enough how wonderful Dr. Wang is. Do not hesitate to call her if you have a medical issue that cannot be solved with western medicine.

Jessie Bai
January 05, 2015

I have know Dr. Rene Wang since my first visit to her Boundary Clinic around 2002, Her treatment was effective, professional, since then when I think about the need to have an acupuncture session, she is the only one that I will go to.
Her medical knowledge is beyond the field of acupuncture, I remember that I went to see her because of a painful leg with rash, she advised me to consult my family doctor right away because she suspected that I actually had shingle, and it proved that she was right after I visited my doctor.
I have no hesitation to recommend her if anyone has the need for acupuncture, she is one of the best in the field.

April 03, 2014

Dr. Wang is the one of the best Acupuncturists I know in Vancouver. She is super!

She is not only good at relieving various pains but also helping on regain body internal balance。

I knew her many years ago, my friend referred me to see her due to my headache, after several treatments I recovered much better... then I started to consultant her that my internal balance issues (digestive disorders: constipation and diarrhea alternatively), she advised me to take acupuncture, after 1~2 months treatment, I started to come back to normal routine. You can call it magic, it does work for me!
Another thing I have to mention it here is, my period was getting irregular and less(menstrual problem) since last year, again I thought of Dr. Wang and her needles, she helped me for 2 months...now it's getting better...
As all I experienced so far, I would like to recommend you Dr. Wang if you have similar issues as I had before, no doubt she would help you to get better quality life....

March 17, 2014

I have suffered from severe migraine for more than 10 years. In average, it would attack 5-6 time every month. This problem affected my job significantly, and I could not work when I suffered this headache. I have to take analgesic pills to relieve my pain even though they didn’t work very well. I had tried many treatments, like massage, but this symptom had never completely gone. In the meantime, I also had shoulder and back soreness and pain because I had to stand for 13-14 hours during the shift. These symptoms became worse especially before my period. I could hardly stand on it.

I came to North American Natural medicine centre then, and met Dr. Wang. She listened my complain carefully, and also examined my body. She explained to me about the possible causes and the following acupuncture treatments. After 8 times treatments, my symptoms have almost gone. Before the recent period, I even didn’t feel any discomfort!  I felt so great! I am really glad that I found this clinic and Dr. Wang. Her fantastic acupuncture skills let me free from the suffering and I can gain back my happy and healthy life. Thank you so much, Doctor.

Carmen Lam
May 30, 2012

I’d really like to recommend you Dr. Wang in North American natural medicine center if you have suffered from shoulder arthritis or neck spine disease. Like me, my shoulder arthritis and neck stiffness have been recovery after receiving her several times of treatments.

I have suffered from shoulder arthritis or neck painful stiffness for many years. Because of my job, I have to work with computer in the same posture for long time, which causes my shoulder and neck muscles always are in the very tense situation. I even couldn’t raise my right arm, no matter upward, forward or backward because of the severe pain. I had visited many doctors, and they usually told me that was because of the tendon adhesion. I had tried massage and acupuncture, but the effects were poor. When I was receiving the massage, I suffered so much pain and even sweated especially at the adhesion points because massagist had to push hardly at those points. Sometimes, there were swellings or abrasions around the massaged areas, so the next treatment had to be delayed until the symptoms were improved. The effects were very slow and not significant. I only felt better for half day, and then the pain would come back again.

I also tried the acupuncture, but I still couldn’t tolerant the pain when the acupuncturist put the electrical needles on me. For that reason, I just received the acupuncture when the symptoms were too worse.

I am lucky that I found the information about North American medicine centre on internet. I went there and met Dr. Wang. At the first time treatment, I didn’t feel any pain. Comparing with the previous experiences, Dr. Wang’s acupuncture skills is so amazing. I always fall into asleep comfortably and enjoy the treatment.

That is the reason I’d like to recommend you Dr. Wang. If you have the similar horrible experiences like me, how about go to North American natural medicine center and experience the treatment yourselves.  Now, I can raise my right arm upward forward and backward normally. My neck muscles are more flexible than before. After treatment, I can turn my neck to each side freely without any pain. 

What I said is my true feeling and experiences. I don’t know if this treatment is suitable for everybody, but you can go there and try it. I believe you will feel different from your previous treatment experiences.

Mr. Y. Zeng
May 25, 2012

Two years ago, my husband had a serious case of "frozen shoulder" on his left side. He could not raise his arm straight and bend it. He was in so much pain and whatever we did, did not help. A good friend highly recommended Dr. Ruining Wang to us and since then we never looked at other doctors.

When we first met Dr. Wang, she not only impressed us with her medical knowledge but in her holistic and integrated approach in treating him.  She started off by asking pertinent questions regarding his lifestyle, physical environment, physiological state, emotional and state of mind.  More importantly, she stressed on the long-term results and not just using stop-gap measures.  The treatment was a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, bio-feedback energy, arm exercises and follow up advice.  Acupuncture was mainly used to relieve his pain, hot needles for circulation, cupping for stimulation and drainage in specific areas, and bio-feedback energy for overall wellness. By the third treatment, he felt significantly better - he could now raise his arm without feeling the pain.

My family including my sister, sister-in-law and her sister's family are all under her care.  She still impresses us with her pursuit to expand her knowledge, update her skills and techniques.  And, she is always sharing her knowledge with us.

Dr. Wang is a dedicated and devoted professional and excellent at what she does. I have no qualms in recommending her.

Forever grateful,

Christina & Chee Liew Richmond, BC
May 13, 2012

My best doctor- the testimony about Dr. Wang’s Acupuncture

I have suffered from dry eyes, fatigue, neck pain, and back soreness for more than twenty years. I had tried many western medical treatments, but they didn’t work. I also received massages by some experts whose effects were so temporary and couldn’t cure my problems. When I met Dr. Wang, she assessed my situation and then treated me with acupuncture. It was so incredible! Just after one treatment, my back and neck pain had almost gone, and I felt the back became more relaxed. One morning when I woke up, I found my voice turned rough. Because I am a teacher who teaches people to sing, I totally panicked. Fortunately, Dr. Wang treated me again, and with only one treatment, my voice completely recovered. In my opinion, her acupuncture skills are fantastic! I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t experience her treatment myself. So I’d like to share my experience to everybody, and I hope all the persons who are like me suffering from long-term disorders and symptoms can get Dr. Wang’s help to gain back their health as soon as possible and enjoy their wonderful lives again.

Marco Song
April 25, 2012

My husband Alex has suffered from the multiple system atrophy (MSA) since 2010, mainly cerebellar atrophy. This disease affects his walking, speaking, talking and body balance, so he became disabled. Day by day, those symptoms got worse; we couldn’t find a particular treatment for this disease. One and a half month ago, Dr. Wang started treating him with Acupuncture, and his symptoms improved dramatically. It’s amazing! Now, He starts to enjoy reading newspaper, speaks more clearly, sleeps well and the snoring was disappeared.

His feet were like frozen cold before and now is warmer. Low back pain has gone, feels more strength in his legs. His snoring was loud and right now not any more. We are very happy because Alex is enjoying his life again. After his emotional mood is improved, he smiles most time and looks healthier and stronger.

Stella Du
April 19, 2012

I have been a patient of Doctor Ruining Wang, MD. (China) R. TCMP; R.AC.

Since September 2011, I have been suffering from problems with emotions and other ailments which I shall expand on later.

My emotions were all over the map, so to speak, I was having difficulty concentrating, controlling my thoughts and lack of sleep. When Dr. Wang tested me with the essential flower oil, she diagnosed me and found that I was the second worst case she ever had. She then started treating me with the essential flower oil, at the same time treating me with acupuncture for my lack of sleep.

After a period of several weeks, I noticed a dramatic relief from my emotional problems. So much that I was to function without problems with concentration and uncontrollable thoughts and lack of sleep. It was such a relief; I could hardly believe what was happening. I had been treated with medication for some time, but to no avail. The esential flower oil and acupuncture was helping me greatly. I followed Dr. Wang’s directions to the letter along with my treatment.

I also experienced a terrible neck problem being unable to turn my neck to the right especially driving the car. I was prescribed Tylenol 3’s for the pain. The Tylenol only helped with symptoms and gave me severe constipation. With the help of acupuncture, Dr. Wang was able to not only take away the pain, but also, cured the problem much to my surprise.

I also have which is extremely painful and debilitation for a number of years. Again I was taking anti – inflammatory which gave my stomach problems. To my surprise again, Dr. Wang treated me with acupuncture and has given me wonderful relief.

Dr. Wang has a fantastic bedside manner and explains with great detail the procedures she is performing and why. She is a very happy person and delights in the results she obtains for her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Wang both as doctor and person who have your best interests at heart. She offers a free consultation for all potential patients.

John Roberts Richmond, BC
December 05, 2011

I’ve been using my right arm improperly, which caused me to suffer from neck pain and bilateral shoulders muscle pain and stiffness for a long time. Such symptoms were so horrible that were affecting not only my life, but my work as well.

I’ve tried several treatments, such as acupuncture and message for over 3 to 4 years, but those symptoms were still persistent and keep returning off and on.

One day, I walked into North American Natural Centre by chance and met Ruining Wang MD (China). After understanding my symptoms, she performed a completely physical examination, and then found out there were some problems at my cervical spine and also at my lumbar spine, which I wasn’t aware before.  Ruining Wang MD (China) suggested me to receive the acupuncture.

After the first time treatment, my neck and shoulder pain had improved significantly. I felt so relax and easy as I have never been in a long time. I could turn my neck side to side freely without any pain. I can’t believe how magic effect the acupuncture has! Even the numbness and tightness of my lower back and legs disappeared.  

I continue to receive Ruining Wang’s treatment. Her immense clinical experience, outstanding acupuncture skill and enthusiasm make me fell so comfortable! I’d really like to thank her for helping me to get free from all that suffering. 

Renna Richmond, B.C.
September 20, 2011

My daughter Naveena Prasad (6 years old) was diagnosed with seizure disorder and development delay. 

One of my friends told me about North American Natural Medicine Centre and after consulting with Ruining Wang MD (China), the therapy suggested for Naveena is called Biofeedback Quantum Energy which I tried for the last 3 months, once a week. I feel that she has more energy in her body, is more alert and I found it is really helpful for her.

She is still under therapy and I am confident of her recovery. I strongly recommend to visit Ruining Wang MD (China) if you have pain, or a medical condition .

Pretty Prasad Surrey, BC
July 14, 2011

I’ve been dancing for quite some time and about a year and half ago I injured my back. The pain has been excruciating until I came to The North America Natural Medicine Centre. With only three consultations, two with Ruining Wang MD (China) and one with Dr. Malagon the pain disappeared. I live in LA and I leave in two days but I’m definitely coming back once a month to continue with my treatment. If you are in pain and need to be treated don’t doubt to come to this clinic. The doctors are very professional, believe me, you won’t regret it!

Sandy Bazua Los Angeles, California
February 25, 2011

Around 5 years ago my sister Becky Herrmann introduce me to the beautiful lady that is Ruining Wang MD (China). Now, I knew that she did acupuncture but not the electrical infrared impulse through the computer. That attracted me so much because I had a previous injury to my knee about 2 years before. I´ve been to chiropractors, doctors and specialists that knew how to repair knees.

Unfortunately all failed and I was still in a lot of agony and a lot of pain when my sister called me and said: Do you know that Ruining Wang MD (China) is opening a new practice in Richmond? And in fact I am going to be working as the office manager.

She has got this new biofeedback technology that is an infrared impulse that she uses through the computer. I said what is that going to do good for me. So Becky said why don´t you make an appointment to see Ruining Wang MD (China) so she can explain the procedure. At this particular time I had been using my crutches and walking cane for the last 18 months. So I said well if it doesn’t cost me anything to talk with her why shouldn´t I do that. So I went to see Ruining Wang MD (China) on the very first day that she opened the practice on November 1st, 2010.

So it happened that we had a lengthy discussion and she also examined my knee. She said I know that I can help you. We started to make appointments and I saw Ruining Wang MD (China) every Thursday for the next four weeks. My knee started to improve drastically and in fact I had another two appointment, one before the 2010 Christmas break and the other the first week in January 2011.

Now as you can imagine that because I couldn´t walk any far because of my leg I started to gain weight. In actual fact I put in the scale 50 pounds and I told Ruining Wang MD (China) what we could do with my weight problem and so she said I should start an exercise program and to control the intake of food. But more importantly to exercise. I really can´t express enough the help and professionalism that Ruining Wang MD (China) has shown me not only for the knee and weight problem since she is able to repair other areas of the body as well.

I strongly suggest if you had any problems with your body just call the office and make an appointment for a consultation with Ruining Wang MD (China).

If you see me walking know you would never know that I had a problem with my knee. Thank you Ruining Wang. I love you.

Lee A. Matheson Richmond, B.C
January 27, 2011

I met Ruining Wang MD (China) before I was scheduled to have a knee surgery a couple of years ago.

I had the Acupuncture done on my knee and my whole body. I felt very lucky and very grateful because I did not have the knee surgery.
Ruining Wang MD (China) encouraged and educated me of the simple pressure points I can do at home after my Acupuncture treatment.

Summer of 2010, I was diagnosed with Hips Bursitis, I cannot walk because every time I took a step I was in excruciating pain. Dr. Wang did the Quantum Energy Therapy and I had 6 treatment. I could not believed myself because after 6 treatment I was able to walk with out the excruciating pain on my hips.

I felt very grateful to Ruining Wang MD (China)  because I am able to enjoy my life with out taking any pain killers.

January 26, 2011

I had problems of chest pain and back pain, and also I couldn’t sleep well. Dr. Malagon told me that I only needed 3 treatments and that’s all I needed. From the first time I could sleep better, he gave me natural medicines (homeopathy therapy) which helped me a lot.

My wife was suffering of a pain like needle pinches in her fingers whenever she wakes up. From the second treatment with Dr. Malagon, she feels much better. She tried to solve it before with many other doctors and treatments, and she says that Dr. Edgar Malagon is the best doctor she has ever met.

Dr. Malagon is not only our doctor; he gives us a lot of advice on top of our medical treatment. Thank you very much!

Picture: (Dr. Edgar Malagon,G. Phd, HMD & Waleed)

Waleed Aleidan and Beshayer Yahya Alyahya

April, 2012


Juan Vargas Bonilla

While working in Prince George, I suffered an accident falling on my back. I continue working with lots of difficulty. After commuting 8 hours by car, I was unable to stand up, since my column was affected. Somebody suggested to my wife to take me to Dr. Edgar Malagon. She took me immediately. He told me I had 8 vertebrae out of place.

The 3 in the bottom were dislocated and the most difficult to place back again. I had excruciating pain, but thanks to Dr. Malagon, I was able to walk again. My right foot was numb, very bad head ache, and the symptoms I thought were due to the prostate all disappear after Dr. Malagon’s treatment


I am Kelly; I worked for the commercial crime department of the Vancouver police. One of our jobs was to check that the business and owners’ promises to the public were met by infiltrating as clients. The department would check what they offered and I was chosen by the group to attend the clinic of Dr. Edgar Malagon. At first I did not want, was afraid, struggled against myself, but by talking with the doctor I began to trust and to consider mesotherapy as an option and at the end to accept with pleasure at the sight of my colleagues. Finally, I underwent the treatment to lose inches and size reduction with Mesotherapy. When the doctor started the medical history I was in obesity type III and size 18, I also suffered from fibromyalgia, low energy and migraine. I did not exercise and because of my work I ate wherever the work required. The Treatment in my case went to 12 weeks.

At the beginning of the first week I took a homeopathic treatment, and received an orientation focused on making changes in eating habits, sleep, emotional and types of exercises required. During the third week I started to feel more energy, which encouraged me to do my exercises, the fifth week I was released from the headache, the sixth week I started to see reduction in size when I wore a pants that had failed reused for a long time, the seventh  week since I had no pain in any part of my body, at eight  week I noticed that I no longer pluck so often before it was every week now once a month, another thing I noticed was that my skin was clearer. At the end of treatment I did not call him doctor, but my guru for all the changes I had experienced in my own body and everything I was taught. By the tenth week I was a size 16 and by week eleventh I had reduced cellulite, belly fat and chubby back. At the end of the treatment by week twelfth I had lost a little weight but the big difference was achieved by lowering the size to 10.