Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Use the new technique of  Liposuction without surgery to reduce size without wounds, scars or disabilities.

Non-surgical treatments

• Turn the compact fat to fluid allowing the body to eliminate it naturally, improving the contour of the body
• It reaffirms skin by stimulating collagen, fibrinogen, elastin, glycolic and hyaluronic acid to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin
• Non-invasive procedure
• Technique with immediate results
• Promote the metabolism of the tissue, removed localized fat
• Increase blood flow
• No medical disability period
• Effectively cure the "orange skin" in the buttocks or thighs, resolve flaccidity of abdominal after child-bearing skin or liposuction problem.
• Improvement of intestinal transit and the drainage of fluids.

                BEFORE                 AFTER 1st WEEK
• What are the ultrasonic waves?
They are an innovative technique of new-generation scientifically developed within  the highest world quality standards with proven effects.

• How does it work?
The machine acts by emitting ultrasonic waves in a band of frequency by cycles of compression and expansion occurring at high speed generating countless micro-cavities or micro bubbles which gradually enlarge culminating in the implosion of the same, the liquefaction of the fatty tissue and their disposal.

• Why is it recommended? 
It is an excellent technique that converts the fatty tissue in Adipocyte liquid, favouring their elimination by the normal functional channels, without collateral or side effects. It should be noted that the liver metabolizes received fat, making use of the substances that your body needs and eliminating waste through urine.

• How often should be done?
Every 72 hours is the time needed to proceed with the treatment that the body can eliminate the fat. Two times a week at least 12 sessions according to the indications of the specialist and at least 4 months of treatment is recommended in cases of morbid fat.

• Process in a session of ultrasonic liposuction seen under a microscope
1) Prior to the commencement of treatment. Basic structure of fatty tissue.(circles are accumulated FAT)
2) During the treatment. (only in 5 minutes after treatment see how it is dissolving and releasing fat; growing sized circles, generating micro cavities)
3) The liquefaction of basic fat cells is observed. (begins the dispersal of the circles, growing micro cavities)
4) Lipocytes liquefied by opening of fat cell membranes, micro vessels not damaged by the ultrasonic wave. (separation full fat and conglomerated fat is not in lumps but liquid) 

Focused on high resolution ultrasound, "fat" lipocytes will be literally bombarded with accuracy of energy levels. Result? The fat cells of the body absorb this energy of ultrasound and then its fat structure basically 'resign', breaking into a liquid that easily flows  allowing it to enter to the bloodstream so that the body is able to absorb it and process it in the liver.
Real results with state of the art technology.  

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