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Invented in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy is the practice of injecting small amounts of medication into the mesoderm (Middle layer of skin), where the pathology develops.
The French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy in 1987 as a part of traditional medicine. Since then, the practice of Mesotherapy has been accepted by 14 countries, with over 15,000 medical practitioners throughout Europe, Great Britain and South America. 
Mesotherapy holds a promising future in assistance of the clinic treatment of herpes, acne, arthritis etc. As well, it has proven effective in sport medicine, resolving joint problems, back pain and tendonitis, and can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as in eliminating wrinkles, flaccid skin, scars, lipodystrophy and localized obesity in addition to reducing fat and cellulite.
Each Mesotherapy treatment may involve a series of painless injections. Treatment utilizes very tiny needles that are approximately the size of an eyelash to administer minute amounts of homeopathic agents subcutaneously. Patients in general have reported that there is only a momentary, light pinch when the needle enters the mesoderm. The fluid released from the fat cells is removed by the body’s natural waste system.

A standard cycle of Mesotherapy treatment takes approximately 10 weeks, effectively blocking our ability to store fat and stimulating our ability to burn it up.

The solutions that are used in Mesotherapy melt the fat beneath the skin as well as the encapsulated fat cells in the front layer of the skin. The fat dissolves and is excreted by the kidneys and the bowel.

Cellulite is caused by a dystrophy change creating a diffuse swelling in the subcutaneous cellular tissues. This leads to an expanding, stretching and scleroses of the connective tissues that hold down the skin, trapping the fat and thereby causing the "dimpling" effect. The medications used in Mesotherapy destroy the connective tissue and melt the trapped fat, creating a smooth, dimple-free appearance.

Patients usually begin seeing results by the fourth week of treatment. After 10 weeks of treatment, patients see a significant smoothing and reduction of cellulite, as well as improved skin tone. Patients typically lose 4 to 10 inches in 10 weeks. All medications used are FDA-approved for use in Mesotherapy.

The combination of vitamins, herbal products and medications that is injected is adapted specifically for each patient to optimize results. Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the most effective combination:
Medical History will be fully discussed during your pre-treatment consultation. The combination of vitamins is guided by the consistency of the tissue being treated. Softer fat is treated differently than firm fat.
Who should not consider Mesotherapy?
Patients with the following conditions are not candidates for Mesotherapy:
•    Pregnancy
•    A history of a stroke or blood clots
•    Cancer
Dr. Edgar Malagón has been practicing Mesotherapy in Canada since the spring of 2003. The Canadian Mesotherapy Association has ministered to over 500 patients and performed over 3,500 Mesotherapy treatments. A statistical analysis of patients revealed an overall success rate of 93%. Patients with a previous history have enjoyed a 99% success rate. The Canadian Mesotherapy Association has achieved an unprecedented 95% patient satisfaction. In total, these patients have lost over 900 inches!

  • Surgical treatment
  • Removes fat cells
  • Decrease energy and feel week   four months generally
  • Retention of interstitial fluid
  • Postoperative require
  • Severe pain and bruising
  • Generate lumps and scarring
  • Up to 4 months to see results
  • Reduced the skins natural regeneration at the cellular structure
  • Cannot be used where there is celluli
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Removes fat from fat cells
  • contribute energy during all treatment and feel more power
  • encourage excretion of fluid
  • don't need postoperative
  • Mild  pain and bruising
  • Limited lumps and not scarring
  • See results in weeks
  • Stimulate the natural processes of the skin's metabolism to be smooth
  • Used wherever there is cellulite

This is the best option if you have concerns about your ideal weight for your body type and height