Mesotherapy Esthetic

Mesotherapy is an esthetic medical procedure that melts fats away, targeting cellulite
The procedure involves injecting microscopic quantities of natural plant extracts, pharmaceutical medications and vitamins into the mesoderm (layer of adipose fat cells and connective tissue under the skin).

Regardless of how severe your cellulite is or its location on your body, a mesotherapy-based cellulite treatment will attack the problem by targeting the adipose fat cells. Depending on the stage, you may even achieve cellulite removal and not just reduction!

(Left: Before, Right: After)


Cellulite has more to do with genetics than anything else. You can, however, incorporate some lifestyle changes to improve your cellulite treatment results. This includes drinking water, exercising, reducing stress and fatigue as well as improving your healthy eating habits.
If you have the opportunity to progress consider yourself a step ahead in the fight to combat cellulite using mesotherapy.